Mission Statement

We are an independant asset manager that specialized on Swiss small and mid caps. We do have a clear focus on the often mitigated small cap segment.

As a long-term investor we are interested in a successful development of our companies and do actively accompany them over their cycle.

We live a open communication culture internally and externally and do engage for a adequate corporate governance and the interests of minority shareholders.

The traditional Swiss values like reliability, quality, precision and solution orientation are very important to us, since we are:

„Committed to Swiss Values“

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Chamerstrasse 12c, Zug


CHF 1 mn

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA(authorized asset manager of collective investment schemes)

PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zürich


The then called VV Vorsorge Vermögensverwaltung AG was founded in 1995 by Peter J. Lehner (*1939). During the following years he further developed and shaped the company with endless dedication and passion to be one of the leading asset managers for Swiss small and mid caps. After many years of successful investing, he decided to hand over the management of the company to his successor in spring 2014.

Prior to his time as an entrepreneur, he was the CFO of the City of Zurich for 13 years and in this role also responsible for the asset management of the municipal pension fund. This was the moment when Peter J. Lehner discovered the Swiss small and mid cap segment.

Soon after the foundation of his own company, Peter J. Lehner was more and more recognized by the public as the minority shareholder’s advocate. Not only did he rigorously commit himself to supporting the interests of the minority shareholders, but also did he challenge the companies' management teams and boards of directors with critical questions. Therefore it is fair to say, that Peter J. Lehner was the pioneer of the Corporate Governance motion in Switzerland long before this topic was subject to high-profile political discussions of the public and of other financial market participants.

With the launch of the SaraSelect fund 1996, Peter J. Lehner opened up the Swiss small and mid cap segment to the broad public and so enabled shareholders to invest in one of the most attractive niches of the Swiss equity market.

Peter J. Lehners vision, his stamina and persistence will continue to exist within our philosophy and so shape the future of VV Vermögensverwaltung AG. In spite of his retirement as CEO and member of the board of directors, he will remain co-shareholder of the company.