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Fund Profile

SaraSelect P CHF – Data as per 31.05.2023

SaraSelect is a pure equity fund and belongs to the flag ship offering of Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG. The fund was launched beginning 1996 and is investing in Swiss small & mid caps, with a clear focus on quality and stability, leading to a strong bias to small caps.

With roughly CHF 1'000 mn asset under management SaraSelect belongs to the bigger funds in the area of Swiss small & mid caps. Contrary to many other funds, we live an active benchmark independant approach, as the two charts show.

The fund is an perfect complement to a blue chips dominated portfolio.

Clear Focus on Small Caps

Sector Comparison Fund vs. Benchmark

Exclusion of real estate stocks

Since real estate is an asset class of its own for many investors, we do explicitely exclude them from our investment universe to prevent double exposure.

Investment Policy

  • Investment universe is the SPI Small & Mid Cap Index with roughly 200 companies
  • At least 90% of the funds assets has to be in the investment universe
  • No position should be bigger than 10% of the funds assets
  • We can own a maximum of 10% of a company (votes count)
  • We apply no short selling

Fund Prospectus